Wheat sensitive? Gluten intolerant?

Everybody wants to say that all wheat is bad. I agree with how Ginger explains that it’s the processing of wheat that is bad. I noticed that when I ate the Banana Bread Homemade Baking Mix my stomach didn’t hurt. Even the brownies didn’t bother me! So I am dropping the “gluten test” for now. It’s such a good feeling when you get to eat something you love and its good for you.
-Jackie H.

After finding out that I was allergic wheat, I thought that I would never be able to eat good bread or all of the other wonderful muffins, cobblers, or sweet breads that I usually enjoy. Two and a half years later, I found Back to the Basics 101. I thought I would give this wheat flour a try because it was not made by big business but by someone who really cares. I bought each of the products and had no problem after enjoying them. I then made bread from the wheat flour and am very happy with the results. I have used the flour from this site to make old family favorite recipes and the results are fabulous. This is a picture of my first ever bread making experience. Even my picky husband who is not allergic to American wheat loves my baking. I feel as though I am no longer deprived. Thanks so much.
-Helen C

After being gluten free for two years, due to an intolerance resulting in migraines and arthritis pains, I am so excited to find wheat I can actually eat without any of those symptoms. Back to the BASICS 101 milled hard white wheat into flour for me. It is delicious and makes wonderful bread and muffins. I am able to enjoy sandwiches again with whole wheat flour the way God made it! Thanks Back to the BASICS 101 for offering this at the Warner Robins Farmers Market.
-Vicki P.

I am so glad I decided to stop at gingers booth at the farmers market!! Her energy is amazing and she is so knowledgeable about her product!! I started with the pancake mix and I’m in love!! I have always stayed away from gluten because of its “emptiness” and lack of nutrition (not to mention it makes me feel like crap!) Gingers ground flour is amazing! It not only holds all the nutrition it should but I feel good after eating it!! Can’t wait to try more recipes with it!
-Chelsie L.

I met Ginger a few months ago while searching for products made in Georgia.  Since that time, I have used her flours and pancake mixes and am amazed at how good the breads are.  I no longer buy bread in the store and make several loaves each week as my family also prefers home made bread made with the flour from Back To The Basics 101 over any bread that can be purchased in the store. If you want good, wholesome bread without all the preservatives and without knowing where it came from, who handled it, how long it’s been in a package, how many trucks it’s been on, etc. AND you want bread that your family and friends will rave about, you can’t go wrong with this flour and these mixes.  They are nothing short of incredible.
-Christine P.


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