We provide flour from wheat that we grow in Bleckley County to several schools in Georgia. Our nutrient dense flour is most nutritious because it is milled 48-72 hours prior to delivery. This preserves the vitamins and minerals that begins to oxidize upon milling. Flour may be kept in a cooler or freezer for up to 3 months to help retain the nutrients.

We can also come in and train your staff in whole grain baking. Baking with the “whole grain” is different from conventional baking. We are happy to provide fun, interactive training to help them make good tasting rolls and other baked goods!

If you are a school system who would like to receive more information, please complete the form.

The school districts that use our Georgia Grown wheat love it! Listen to what Nutrition Directors across Georgia, that are using our whole wheat flour in conjunction with the training we provide, are saying! Take a listen to the interviews on the links below with “Inside School Food:”



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